General Conversation in French

I'm Sorry

Thank you very much

Yes Please

Are You Hungry

No Go Away

Do You Speak English

Do You Understand

I don't Understand

Goodbye, See You Later

Where Are The Toilets

Good Evening

I Don't Know

Fine Thanks And You

Hi How Are You

Excuse Me Where Is

Good Night And

Thank You Very Much

Have A Nice Day

See You Tomorrow

No Thank You

Yes I am

Sit Down Now

Hello How Are You

Hello How's It Going

Hi How's It Going

You're Welcome

Thank You Good Night

I Don't Understand

See You Soon

Days Of The Week

Call The Police

Maybe Tomorrow

In Ten Minutes

You're Doing My Head In

Shut Up

Shut Your Mouth

Excuse Me Sir

I'm Sorry

OK My Love

Speak More Slowly

I Don't Like You

I'm From England

Where Are You From

I Don't Speak French

In One Hour

Can I Help You

Hello My Friend

I Need Help

Happy Birthday

What's Your Name

My Name is

Sleep Well

Good Luck

What Are You Doing Today

Close The Window

Welcome Everyone

Open The Window

Open The Door



Have a nice